Rat kings are bad omens – and seriously weird in the flesh


You know when something makes a huge cultural impact? One minute they’re brand new on the scene and in the blink of an eye you just can’t avoid them, they’re absolutely everywhere.

Then they seem to disappear overnight. They take a break away from the public gaze…before coming back even bigger, badder and bolder than ever.

Well let’s pray to all that is holy that the rat king isn’t the next comeback kid.

Here’s your rat king definition, and it’s almost as disgusting as the pics:

Rat kings involve a number of rats intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with, for instance, blood, dirt, ice, horse-hair, or feces—or simply knotted.

Rat kings first appeared in the mid-16th century, which begs the question, where the hell were they before then? Did rats invent this kind of thing about 450 years ago?

Whether this was a deliberate ploy by the world’ weirdest rodents or not, for a time rat kings were all over the place, viewed historically as a bad omen, most likely due to rats being carriers for diseases such as the plague.

Here’s another pic, just in case the first one wasn’t gross enough for you.


That’s right, while rat kings sound like a legend from a time of dragons that belongs to some drug-addled book of black magic, isolated instances have been recorded in more recent times, including:

The rat king discovered in 1963 by the farmer P. van Nijnatten at Rucphen, Netherlands, as published by cryptozoologist M. Schneider, consists of seven rats. X-ray images show formations of callus at the fractures of their tails which according to proponents show that the animals survived for an extended period of time with the tails tangled.

The most recent sighting came from an Estonian farmer in the Võrumaa region on January 16, 2005, let’s hope that’s the 21st century’s first and only rat king.

Source: Wikipedia

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