How long can you watch one of the creepiest videos on YouTube?


There are plenty of creepy videos on YouTube, but this one just won’t go away.

Quite literally.

The film is called Dining Room or ‘There is Nothing’ and it’s written and directed by film-maker, artists and designer David Earle.

This short film flips back on itself, explains Earle on his site. At exactly the midway point, the film begins to run backwards, and the sound repeats itself backwards with it. The character (Lea Porsager) speaks the three words backwards as the film goes forwards.

When looped, there is no actual beginning or end and no real sense of where the beginning and end actually are.

Earle says:

“I wanted to blur the distinction between the two states, and to state the paradox by showing someone who is coming back from life (or death), and denies its existence, thereby fulfilling the paradox.”

Yeah, we’re not at all sure what that means either.

But we do know this is some seriously creepy stuff, best viewed alone, at night, lights off, for maximum effect.

It’s also crying out for its own urban legend about some kind of curse, which we’ll probably post about some time in the future, even if we have to make it up ourselves.

Here’s the video looped a few times for your edification:

And more about it here:

Sam White

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