About Us

We’re a ragtag bunch of misfitsthe closest thing we got and the right m(e)n in the wrong place, possibly.

Anyway, what do you care, you’re here for the weirds and we’re totally expendable.


bengrimm64Ben ‘Grimm’ Davies: Ben is a life-long geek who still has fond memories of C64 games even though, let’s face it, they’re a steaming pile of garbage when you play them again on an emulator. He also has an unnecessary number of computers around his home sucking electricity from the walls 24/7, hopefully emitting super hero generating gamma rays, or something.

mrwhite64Sam ‘Mr’ White: Sam is a frustrated artist, but only in the same way he is a frustrated marine biologist, pub landlord and adult film star, in that he has held none of these positions. Like many others, he also has never seen a single frame of Babylon 5 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but totally understands they are a thing.

chuck64Carl ‘Ranger Texas’ Walker: Carl has never seen a ghost or alien, but lives in hope that he will one day bump into a ghost alien and mange to film it on his steampunk mobile. He believes YouTube will one day become known as the existential next step in human evolution. Or just a great way to waste time, one or the other.

With a team like this, there’s just no way this can fail.

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