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Ben Davies

Ben is a life-long geek who still has fond memories of C64 games even though, let’s face it, they’re a steaming pile of garbage when you play them again on an emulator. He also has an unnecessary number of computers around his home sucking electricity from the walls 24/7, hopefully emitting super hero generating gamma rays, or something.

The CIA used cyborg cats to spy on the Soviets and they were rubbish


The 1960s was a swinging time for international espionage – Bond, The Man from Uncle, those IMF people from Mission: Impossible, they were all at it. Of course, that was all just fictional spying. Meanwhile, in the real world, the CIA thought cats could do a much better job. So they launched project Acoustic Kitty, which would eventually… Continue Reading

When you die, would you like your body to be eaten by scavenging animals?


Forward-thinking folk make sure they’ve considered all the options for what happens to their bodies when they’ve kicked the bucket. Some people opt for a traditional interment in a local cemetery, others prefer to have themselves cremated, with the ashes scattered at a favourite spot or in a garden of remembrance. But what if you want… Continue Reading

Got a sniffle? You may have this disease that kills millions


Got a runny nose? Sore throat? Muscle pains? Headache? And absolutely no sympathy from family and friends who reckon you’ve just got a bit of a cold and you’re milking it for all it’s worth? Well fair enough, you might not have tuberculosis or the Black Death, but even if it is in fact just an… Continue Reading

Your copy of Minecraft may be haunted


The next time you’re playing Minecraft late into the night in a barely lit bedroom with the curtains closed and nobody around to disturb your world building, ask yourself: Is there a ghost in this machine? By any definition, Minecraft has been a phenomenal success – we won’t bore you with the exact details, go… Continue Reading

Do you remember where you were on Global Orgasm day?


Global Orgasm originally took place on 22nd December 2006, organised by author and activist couple Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell. That day was selected to coincide with the end of solstice; the idea was for participants throughout the world to have an orgasm during this one day while thinking about peace. Just to jog your memory,… Continue Reading