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Sam White

Sam is a frustrated artist, but only in the same way he is a frustrated marine biologist, pub landlord and adult film star, in that he has held none of these positions. Like many others, he also has never seen a single frame of Babylon 5 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but totally understands they are both things.

The cat organ is history’s weirdest – and cruellest – musical instrument


  Ok, first thing’s first for all the cat lovers reading this: There is no official record of a cat organ actually being built. But it didn’t stop a lot of influential people thinking about it. A lot. And in great detail. The instrument was described by the French writer Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin in his book Musiciana,… Continue Reading

Why are clowns so damn scary?


Was there ever a time clowns weren’t just entirely creepy? Evil clowns are so ingrained in popular culture today it seems that this has always been the right way to see these freaky grease-painted monstrosities and there never was a golden age of clown innocence. Of course some people will say this is just a… Continue Reading

How long can you watch one of the creepiest videos on YouTube?


There are plenty of creepy videos on YouTube, but this one just won’t go away. Quite literally. The film is called Dining Room or ‘There is Nothing’ and it’s written and directed by film-maker, artists and designer David Earle. This short film flips back on itself, explains Earle on his site. At exactly the midway point,… Continue Reading

You’ve got drug money in your wallet (and possibly Hepatitis-C)


If you’re in the UK, open up your wallet or purse and take out the contents. (If you’re not in the UK you can pretend by standing under a cold shower). If you’ve got more than two banknotes in your hand, you’ve almost certainly got drugs in your possession. Forensic scientists have said that around… Continue Reading

Pandas have their own porn if they can’t get it up


Pity the poor panda. These days he has one job and on any other day it might even be a pretty pleasant experience, but what with the future of his entire species at stake, he’s got to perform his duties with the whole world watching his every move. So what do you do when a… Continue Reading

Getting away with murder by claiming we’re all in The Matrix


The Matrix might have been a stonkingly good film (with two so-so follow-ups, I guess), but it has also served as a get-out-of-jail-free card for a few killers who claimed we’re all living in a computer simulation so, you know, it’s not really murder, it’s more like just taking out another boss guy and onto the… Continue Reading

Your toilet paper tells people about your class and salary


Some people could not care less which way the toilet roll is aligned in their privy. They almost literally could not give a shit. For others…well, it can be just the biggest thing in the history of the world and people must die in order to bring sanity to the global population. Seriously, even at the Amundsen–Scott Research Station… Continue Reading