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Carl Walker

Carl has never seen a ghost or alien, but lives in hope that he will one day bump into a ghost alien and mange to film it on his steampunk mobile. He believes YouTube will one day become known as the existential next step in human evolution. Or just a great way to waste time, one or the other.

Oscar the therapy cat has predicted the death of around 100 people


If you are a resident of Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and a friendly cat comes padding into your room and decides to take a nap on your bed, you are officially allowed to freak out. Because that cat may be Oscar. And Oscar the cat appears able to predict the impending death of… Continue Reading

The US Air Force thought about building a ‘gay bomb’


In the years that followed the unfortunate episode that become know as the Second World War, senior people pondered whether or not dropping nuclear weapons on fellow humans represented the best battle plan they had to offer. Surely there was another way? In 1994 the Wright Laboratory in Ohio, a predecessor to today’s United States Air… Continue Reading

Rat kings are bad omens – and seriously weird in the flesh


You know when something makes a huge cultural impact? One minute they’re brand new on the scene and in the blink of an eye you just can’t avoid them, they’re absolutely everywhere. Then they seem to disappear overnight. They take a break away from the public gaze…before coming back even bigger, badder and bolder than ever…. Continue Reading

Does McDonald’s use cow eyeballs in its products?


In a word: no. As a general rule of thumb, unless your close personal friend or family member pulled a chicken head out of his burger while they were sat next to you and then sent you photographic evidence they’re willing to defend in a court of law, we’re pretty sure that it didn’t happen. Like any… Continue Reading