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The CIA used cyborg cats to spy on the Soviets and they were rubbish


The 1960s was a swinging time for international espionage – Bond, The Man from Uncle, those IMF people from Mission: Impossible, they were all at it. Of course, that was all just fictional spying. Meanwhile, in the real world, the CIA thought cats could do a much better job. So they launched project Acoustic Kitty, which would eventually… Continue Reading

Getting away with murder by claiming we’re all in The Matrix


The Matrix might have been a stonkingly good film (with two so-so follow-ups, I guess), but it has also served as a get-out-of-jail-free card for a few killers who claimed we’re all living in a computer simulation so, you know, it’s not really murder, it’s more like just taking out another boss guy and onto the… Continue Reading