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The US Air Force thought about building a ‘gay bomb’


In the years that followed the unfortunate episode that become know as the Second World War, senior people pondered whether or not dropping nuclear weapons on fellow humans represented the best battle plan they had to offer. Surely there was another way? In 1994 the Wright Laboratory in Ohio, a predecessor to today’s United States Air… Continue Reading

Pandas have their own porn if they can’t get it up


Pity the poor panda. These days he has one job and on any other day it might even be a pretty pleasant experience, but what with the future of his entire species at stake, he’s got to perform his duties with the whole world watching his every move. So what do you do when a… Continue Reading

Do you remember where you were on Global Orgasm day?


Global Orgasm originally took place on 22nd December 2006, organised by author and activist couple Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell. That day was selected to coincide with the end of solstice; the idea was for participants throughout the world to have an orgasm during this one day while thinking about peace. Just to jog your memory,… Continue Reading